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Cultural Stage Festival

What Is The Aim Of Our Festival?

Our festival aims to spread music and culture throughout Europe. Started in September 2023 in Geneva, our project has the ambition to expand to several European cities, including Spain, Paris and Italy, touring the entire continent. At the heart of this project is the celebration of the most varied cultures, providing art, music, knowledge and history to every individual. On this journey, we rely on the support of partners, friends and enthusiasts, allowing this project to grow continuously and continue to unite people around the world.




Cultural Artistic Performances


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Where Did Our Last Festival Take Place?

Our most recent festival was held in the magnificent setting of the historic auditorium of the Salle Centrale de la Madaleine, strategically located close to the main tourist attractions of the beautiful city of Geneva. This venue was chosen to provide a truly accessible experience for all Geneva's inhabitants and visitors.

Immersed in the rich cultural heritage of this city, our festival has transformed the Salle Centrale de la Madaleine into an epicenter of musical and cultural celebration. With easy access and a convenient location, we invite everyone to join us for an event that combines tradition and innovation, where fun and entertainment are guaranteed. Don't miss the chance to be part of this incredible spectacle at the next edition of our festival

Our Festivals Will Feature Big Names

Our First Festival kicked off in style, bringing the magnificent Dr. T N Suresh Kumar, a renowned Indian scientist who has amassed a number of remarkable achievements throughout his life. He was the first Indian scientist to travel on a zero-gravity flight at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Center in Russia. He also pioneered the exploration of the 'Ennedi plateau region' in the Sahara desert, reached the summit of the Nyiragongo Active Volcano, the world's largest lava lake in the Congo, and visited the enigmatic site of Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean to study its famous human stone statues. In addition, Dr. T N Suresh Kumar is the first Indian scientist to visit more than 167 countries, covering all 7 continents, and the Chornobyl nuclear power station 35 years after the disaster.

We had the honor of welcoming him to our festival, where he was duly honored with a trophy from our company in recognition of his remarkable achievements and for his presence in Geneva to honor our festival.

Our aim is to invite people who have made history to share a little of their culture, history and life messages with us. Dr. T N Suresh Kumar's example of determination and effort illustrates how far we can go in pursuit of our goals. His participation in this festival was truly special.

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Our Concerts

Get ready for a musical experience that will heighten your senses! Our concerts are always a celebration of musical diversity, and we tirelessly seek to bring bands that radiate contagious energy. We opt for timeless styles, such as jazz and classical music, because we believe that classical is an intrinsic part of our culture and achievements.

When you join us for an evening of music, be ready to be transported by dazzling arrangements and passionate performances. Jazz envelops us with its improvised harmonies, while classical music connects us with centuries of artistic excellence.

Our concerts are more than just a musical performance; they are a celebration of life, culture and passion for music. Don't miss the opportunity to be carried away by the magic of sound that only jazz and classical music can provide. Come and be part of this unforgettable experience!

Our Stalls

Cultural Artistic Performances

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