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CHF 2500


  1. Your company's name will be highlighted as our main sponsor, providing an outstanding presentation to the "Stange Cultural Festival" audience. Fj Concerts & Events is proud to partner with your company to make this event a reality

  2. We offer the courtesy of 20 free tickets, allowing the sponsor to invite companions of their choice to attend the shows.

  3. You will be mentioned as a master sponsor on all marketing materials related to the festival, such as posters, banners and tickets.

  4. Your company name and logo will be prominently displayed before the performances and will be highlighted in the promotional videos shown before the shows. This way, we guarantee a wide visibility and recognition for your brand among the attending public.

  5. You will be given a dedicated space in the official festival program, on the second floor, with a prominent location to announce special offers, promotions or future company events.

  6. You will receive a detailed report after the event with information about brand exposure, social media reach, and attendee feedback to assess the impact of the sponsorship.

  7. We will provide company give-aways with your logo on them, ensuring that attendees keep a special memento of the event through these promotional items

  8. If the sponsor is interested, we can discuss including your brand in other future events organized by us, thus extending the partnership and long-term benefits.

For information about values, we invite you to contact us. We will be ready to provide you with all the necessary details:


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